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Joshua Rubin, Native Dutch and English Voiceover & Actor


And I equally enjoy lending my voice to Explanimations, TV & Radio Commercials, Corporates and more....Browse by category, mood, country and language. I know. It's amazing. Click here to get started...OR forgo the click and simply call me on +31 (0)6 41386145

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About Joshua Rubin

I am a Native Dutch and English speaking Screen Actor and Voice Over, a.k.a. voice actor or voice artist. I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love comedy. I love hanging out with dogs and cats too. They make me feel extra awesome, like getting a cosmic energy boost. Yup. And I ride a bicycle everyday....The Amsterdam Way.

What my website will show and tell you...

My website is intended to: Amuse and entertain, first and foremost. Show my range by providing you with ample material to see and hear. Make this material easily browsable by category, mood, language and country. Not bore you to tears. Allow you to download with not too much hassle any audio samples through the Soundcloud link in the footer. Encourage you to consider contacting and booking me. If you are looking for a native Dutch and English voice artist or actor for explanimations, tv & radio commercials, 2D, 3D animation, games, industrials, corporates, ADR, dubbbing, E-learning, narration, feature film, tv commercial, children's television series, short film and other media I may have forgotten, call me, or use the contact form to send a message or ask for a quote.

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