A little bit about me

I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
When I’m on set or in a soundbooth, I feel at home.
Relaxed. Flexible. Authentic. Willing and able to follow direction. And to improvise. Whatever is necessary. All this, of course, in native Dutch and English.




173 centimeters / 5 feet 8 inches


Yes, two.




Slim and slightly athletic before eating lunch or dinner. Slightly less slim and athletic after.

Shoe size?

42/43 European

Where were you born?

A hospital in Amsterdam.

Why do you live in Amsterdam?

It’s gezellig here.

What’s your most harrowing on set experience?

Ah. That was painful indeed. It was during a scene in Thick as Thieves. We were filming in Grand Central, New York City, at the subway turnstyles. Huge set up, crew everywhere, a boatload of background artists, myself, Gerrit Vooren who played the other Dutch jeweller, Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman. And those damn subway cards. So….Gerrit and I are being followed by Antonio who is being followed by Morgan. The camera is set up to catch each of us going though the turnstyles in quick succession. Gerrit goes first. Then me. Or it should have been me. My turnstyle won’t turn. What?! Back to one…….camera, background, everyone. Take 2. Gerrit goes through, smoothly. I swipe my card….nothing. COME ON! Now I’m starting to sweat. Back to one. Take 3. Gerrit flawlessly passes once again. And I flawlessly FAIL again. Sure, why not…..it’s not like anybody’s waiting or anything. Now I’m feeling like I have felt in nightmares where I’m on stage and have forgotten all my lines…..the stares, the sweats, the fear, the anguish. Take 4. Gerrit swipes, good. I swipe, not good. This can NOT be happening. Am I swiping too fast? Too slow? Too hard? Too soft? What?!! Someone yells to get me a new subway card. Take 5. Phew. Works like a charm. I knew it was that subway card…..

Do you mainly work in Dutch?

A lot of Dutch and a lot of English. So, no.

Tell us some highights of your acting career?

Being chased by a South London crime boss and his thugs, while fending off crazy Kung-Fu Triads; getting robbed on a New York-ish subway train by Antonio Banderas; playing catch with a rhino in South Africa; escaping from prison and getting mauled by a giant mutant killer eel; working with some wonderfully awesome people; getting one-upped by a puppet dog; playing a comic villain and being all mischievous and mean; riding a pantomime horse and even winning a trophy….

Why should I hire you?

If after going through my material you think: “No….this guy sucks”, then you should probably not hire me. If you think: “Hmmm…this guy ain’t too shabby”, then I would say give me a call!

What makes you unique?

Well…..quite simply the fact that not one person in the entire universe looks, feels, smells and sounds like me.

How would you describe yourself?

As a voice over and screen actor. And a fine fellow on most days.

Some current clients

Do you need an Actor?

Some of my acting services....

  • TV Commercials
  • Feature Films
  • Children's Television
  • Corporate Films
  • Tutorials
  • Internet Campaigns
  • Internet Films
  • And more.....

Do you need a Voice-Over?

Some of my voice-over services....

  • Radio & TV Commercials
  • Animation
  • Corporates
  • Tutorials
  • Screencasts
  • E-learning
  • Case Films
  • Video Games
  • And more....