November 21, 2013 -

Allright. Let the blogging begin.

As a kid I loved playing computer games. I was born sometime in the 70’s. Atari  came out with the  Atari 2600 in ’77. Several years later I was hooked.

Atari 2600. Commodore 64. Nintendo. Playstation.

In the meanwhile I became a screen actor. Then I also became a voice actor. And then I thought how awesome it would be if I could get a part in some, any  awesome game.

Many years later…..

Last night I attended the launch party of  the latest Killzone game, Killzone Shadow Fall. Developed  by Guerrilla Games, it’s  also the launch title  for the Sony Playstation 4. Check

I was flattered, honored and amazed to be there.

But what made the evening  really special was knowing that my voice is used in a particularly terrifying and emotional audiolog. Which I will post when I get a copy and permission 🙂

Hopefully the first of many adventures in Game Land!





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